How to Make FIFA 22 Coins - Silver Trading Method

What is Silver Trading?

Using silver cards to make FIFA 22 coins because they have higher fluctuations than golds

How to use it correctly

Like for many other methods, there are also multiple ways to do it. These are my Top 2:

1."Brainless" mass bidding filter

- step 1: pick any league/nation filter and find out what's the lowest price atm (let's assume it's 450c)

- step 2: mass bid 350c on all cards

- step 3: look up the market price of all the items you won and list them up

- this way to do it is really simple! some hours/days it might not be very effective if you get unlucky and only win players who sell for 450c

- what makes you the most FIFA 22 coins with this method are the gems: you will sometimes get lucky and win a card that sells for 2k+ so don't get frustrated if it takes a long time to build a budget using this method

2. Searching for deals one by one

- step 1: go through multiple leagues and positions and write down prices of the most expensive ones (e.g. "FC Metz Silver CDMs are selling for 1,7k")

- step 2: once you have a list of at least ~20 expensive positions in clubs with sell prices, you can go through them one by one and look for deals

these are just examples how you would search (I made these filters completely random)

- step 3: list the deals you picked up for the usual sell prices and wait for sales; this can take a while

- I would always aim to fill your entire transfer list with silvers to make the most possible FIFA 22 coins

- the more prices you wrote down on your list, the more and the quicker you will find deals so it gets easier to fill your transfer list!

Everyone also here one recent example because of the new SBC: Top 5 league silvers are selling pretty high rn, get on league specific filters and snipe deals

This was all I did, super simple